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Pearl River County Contact Information

Circuit Clerk

Phone No. 601-403-2322
Fax No. 601-403-2327

Honorable Vickie Hariel

District Attorney Offices

Phone No. 601-403-2350
Fax No. 601-403-2353

Hal Kittrell, District Attorney
Manya Creel, Asst. District Attorney
Kurt Guthrie, Asst. District Attorney

Victim's Assistance Coordinators

Phone No. 601-403-2355
Fax No. 601-403-2357

Jeff Caillouet

MDOC Probation Offices

Pearl River Office

Phone No. 601-795-2373
Fax No. 601-795-9228

Bruce Rushing, Probation Officer
Todd Wilson, Probation Officer

Picayune Office

Phone No. 601-749-0544
Fax No. 601-749-4339

Brenda Varnado, Probation Officer
Wesley Lossett, Probation Officer
Charolette Penton, Probation Officer

House Arrest Officers

Phone No. 601-795-1534

Rodney Spiers

Public Defenders

John Howell
Tommy Schwartz